Square Silicone Rubber Heater Mat 200 x 200mm

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  • Product Code: E-HEATER-MAT-SQUARE200
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  • $46.99 CAD


A fully integrated and easy to use solution for heating the bed of your 3D Printer.

Forget slow heat up times, soldering wires onto PCB beds, taping on thermistors and not being able to evenly heat your bed. These square silicone heater mats are a robust easy to use solution for heating your build platform.

Designed for use with a 12v power supply, and including an integrated thermistor these are a easy and fast upgrade.

Resistance 1.1Ω

Black Cable = Thermistor

Red Cables = Power Supply

Thermistor is 100k beta 3950 1% for marlin firmware this is thermistor number 11.

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