Ribbon Cable - 20 Way, 28AWG (per 100mm)

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This ribbon cable has numerous applications in the RepRap printing world and is particularly useful for making electrical connections to the moving parts of your printer. By reducing the number of individual cables, your setup will be neater. Since the cable is stranded and has a larger CSA than IDE cabling, it has larger current carrying capabilities and is less susceptible fo failure by fatigue. 

Orders will be fulfilled in a single length of cabling. Just order as much as you need in 100mm increments. Colour may vary due to availability of cable. We try and ship rainbow colours where possible, but you may receive other colours depending on what is available.

Price is per 100mm aka 10cm, 0.1m, around 4 Inches for those from the USA, Myanmar and Liberia. 0.219 Cubits for those from Ancient Egypt.


Technical Specifications:

Pitch Spacing1.27mm
Conductor Size28AWG
Jacket MaterialPVC
Jacket ColourMultiple Colours
Voltage Rating300V
Current Rating1A
Max Operating Temp105°C

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