EcoTough™ PLA Filament - Grey - 1.75mm

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Free local pickup or delivery may be available in Port Hope and Cobourg.  Please inquire at timeshell@timeshell.ca prior to purchase.

3d printing temperature guideline Printing


190°C - 230°C
  • PLA can be printed both with and without a heated print bed, but if your desktop 3D printer does have a heated print bed it is recommended to set your print bed temperature to approximately 40°C to 60°C.
  • First layer usually 5°C-10°C higher than subsequent layers.
  • Stick well to glass with glue stick as well as most printing surfaces on the market, including blue tape, PEI, BuildTak etc.
  • PLA absorbs heat and so benefits from additional active cooling.

  1. Made from a premium grade 100% plant based virgin raw material designed specifically for 3D printing.
  2. Absolutely no additives or modifiers! (Why is this important? Read more further down)
  3. Extremely smooth and consistent.
  4. 100% stronger than standard PLA and even much stronger than most "PLA+" blends!
  5. The filament is completely non-brittle and will not snap or break at any point before during or after printing.
  6. Faster crystallization, improved bridging performance and overall finish.
  7. Allows for faster printing speeds.
  8. Ideal for high resolution and small detail prints.
  9. Warp free with good build plate adhesion.
  10. Improved mechanical properties. (See technical data below)
  11. Non-toxic; Safe for use at home, office and school environments.
  12. Plant based.
  13. Recyclable.
  14. Low odor.
  15. Compostable.
  16. 100% biodegradable.

No additives or modifiers! Naturally safe, naturally strong!

Why is having no additives or modifiers in a filament so important? Most PLA materials require the use of additives and impact modifiers to make them stronger and less brittle, but the use or composition of these additives is usually not fully disclosed... While polymers such as PLA may be a naturally safe and non-toxic, the additives may not be! This can translate into a filament that is not truly 100% biodegradable in addition to unknown effects of fumes/smell and overall safety. While this is usually not a concern with quality brand name filament, it is especially important to keep in mind when purchasing from unknown vendors on amazon, ebay etc. Our EcoTough PLA completely retains the natural safety and biodegradability of PLA while still being significantly stronger than others! As an added bonus to having a neat/non modified material, EcoTough PLA prints extremely smooth and consistent.

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