Genuine E3D spoolWorks PLA - 'Basic' White02 (750g)

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  • Product Code: F-SW-PLA-WHITE-175-750
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PLA by spoolWorks really is one of the nicest PLA filaments we've ever used at E3D & we're pleased to include it in our range of excellent filaments.


• Easy to print
• Biodegradable
• Low ooze and low warp
• Bonds easily to cold beds
• A matt/satin finish (variable with print temperature)
• Strong, solid colour
• Tolerance +/-0.05mm for 1.75, and +/-0.10mm for 2.85mm
• SpoolWorks' high quality

Advised print settings:

• PRINT TEMP: 190-215°C
• ADHESION: Blue Tape, UHU stick, or hot, clean glass

Note: All 3D printers are unique, so adjust settings to taste!

Bigboldbeautiful colours. Designed for home and professional 3D printing.

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