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Full documentation for Chimera can be found on our wiki.

Multi-Extrusion Ecosystem

Add Multi-Extrusion capability to your machine with the easiest, most versatile, and highest performance HotEnds in the industry. E3D has a range of modular systems which give you the ability to create printers that can print a wide range of colours and materials in a single object, in one print.

All our multiple extrusion systems share some core design principles:

  • Our signature E3D All-Metal, high performance design for fantastic prints in every material, every time.
  • Easy to level nozzles make getting started in dual extrusion easier than ever before.
  • Absolute minimum size and weight, won’t weigh down your machine or reduce printing performance

The Chimera
2 In, 2 Out - Dual Extrusion System

Chimera is a neat and simple way in which to add conventional dual extrusion to your machine in a simple, air cooled package. Nozzles can be individually adjusted in height for an easy setup experience. Each nozzle is individually temperature controllable for ultimate material versatility. Chimera inherits the best from it’s cousins, v6 and Kraken, combining them into a single, reliable, yet highly capable hotend with a tiny 30x28mm footprint and easy mounting.


Dual Extrusion brings the abilities of your printer to a whole new level; providing a way to print items in multiple colours, multiple materials, support materials, all giving you unprecedented freedom in what you can print. Multiple colour prints will be the envy of your friends and allow you to convey more visual information in prototypes. Multi-material prints allow you to combine distinctly different material properties in a single print, imagine rigid Carbon-Fibre-PLA wheel hubs with printed in place NinjaFlex tyres or a Nylon bushing. Support materials allow you to ignore the age old problems of overhangs or picking off tedious-same material supports by using soluble support materials, or materials that break away cleanly from your prints. If you’re a machine manufacturer looking to differentiate your machine in a crowded marketplace then Chimera and Cyclops give you an easy way to upgrade to dual-extrusion.

Modular Ecosystem.

Chimera and Cyclops are close relatives, and also inherit components from the v6 family and Kraken. This means that you can easily change a Chimera into a Cyclops or vice-versa. Chimera is also compatible with the full range of v6 Extra-Nozzles for maximum configurability. This gives you opportunity to use a larger nozzle for fast support or infill, while keeping resolution with a smaller nozzle for perimeters or details.

We’re planning future updates to our ecosystem that will further enhance the capabilities of many of our hotends in a modular and configurable way, such as being able to withstand heated build chambers and faster printing speeds.


Cyclops and Chimera bring about an easier way than ever to build dual extrusion into your machine. A single integrated package brings your machine Dual-Extrusion that can be mounted with the use of only 3x M3 Screws. For even easier mounting we have included the ability to mount not only on the top face of the hotend, but also on the rear face of the hotend. This makes it easy to design mounts for use on almost any machine, including Delta machines, vertical X-carriage machines, and a whole slew of others.

Just like Kraken, Chimera uses sliding heatbreaks which allows the nozzle height to be easily adjusted so they can be set precisely level with respect to one another. This ensures that the nozzles don’t end up knocking into parts of the object being printed, damaging the print or causing the machine to skip steps.

Most firmware and slicing packages now support dual extrusion out of the box, we’re using Repetier-Host, Cura, and Repetier-Firmware here at E3D with great results. Additionally many of the mainstream electronics boards also support dual-extruders, we’re using good old RAMPS 1.4, but any dual-extruder capable board should do.


Printing with a Switching-Hotend is an exciting new frontier, although software and electronics setup are fairly simple and we are seeing great results here at E3D we want to be up-front about the status of this product. We are still developing the best techniques, settings and procedures to get beautiful reliable prints every time. Cyclops takes some extra learning and getting used to and may require a little tinkering and tuning to get awesome prints. If you’re looking for a more conventional system then Chimera may be a better fit for your needs.

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