Genuine E3D spoolWorks MatX Filament - 'Very' Black 30 (750g)

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MatX is a drop-in-replacement for ABS applications that provides generally improved properties across the board, with increased layer adhesion and a much improved surface finish.

MatX offers a lovely shiny satin finish and the rich colour that you can expect with all filaments in the spoolWorks range.

Due to its exceptional flow properties MatX offers highly accurate printing, making it a great material for printing detailed parts with tiny nozzles, right down to our 0.15mm nozzles. As an ASA-based filament, it offers about ten times the weathering resistance and resistance to ultraviolet radiation of ABS, higher long-term heat resistance, and resistance to chemicals like cleaning products.

When printed alongside Scaffold Snap, the two materials adhere together, with Snap firmly supporting MatX. Print beautiful, complex geometries without underside surface scarring.

  • Strong and tough
  • Easy to print
  • Beautiful satin finish
  • Pairs with Scaffold Snap support material for reliable adhesion and clean breakaway
  • Ships on an easy-to-use spool with a packet of desiccant
  • spoolWorks' high quality
Precision-machined hobb

Exceptional Flow

Print big with Volcano or print tiny with 0.15mm nozzles, thanks to MatX's smooth flow properties.

Titan Aero Heatsink

Easy to Print

As easy to print and strong as ABS, but without the smell!

Titan Aero Heatsink

Beautiful Colour

Rich, highly-pigmented filament that prints to a lovely satin finish.

Titan Aero Heatsink

Unique filament pairing.

Mat-X pairs perfectly with Scaffold Snap to achieve intricate geometries and horizontal overhangs.

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