How to Connect MKS TFT to Smoothieboard

The MKS TFT32 is a fantastic self-contained controller which, among others, can control the Smoothieboard via the serial interface.  The connection method is fairly easy but will require a couple manual hardware and setting configurations.


1.        The cable that comes with the MKS TFT32 will need to have the 8 pin connector removed on one end and replaced with a 6 pin straight connector matched pin for pin with the 6 pin serial pins on the Smoothieboard.  Make sure that the TX on the MKS TFT32 goes to the RX on the Smoothieboard and vice versa.

2.       In the Smoothieboard config file, make sure you enable the option:

second_usb_second_usb_serial_enable                     true


That’s it!

Posted by Greg Nutt