VoIP Services - Should I go for it?

VoIP (Voice Over IP) services are not new.  They have actually been around since at least the mid 1990's.  But it seems the average person is still reluctant to take the plunge.  Why is that?

Marketing.  The major communications players are still trying to make money on their analog services.  Why replace a system that works and makes money for you?

Complexity.  Unfortunately, there are more complexities in setting up a VoIP phone.  This is probably the biggest factor holding many people back.

Emergency Services.  This may be the biggest item that people have (and rightly so) concerns about.

SMS.  That over-rated text messaging system.  Why doesn't it just die?  Email has been around for how long and we are still using this ancient system?

But realistically, should these options stop the migration?  Well think about this?  Who doesn't have an email account today?  The very same parameters to set up your email account are required to set up a VoIP service, specifically a username, password and server address.  Yes, there are more advanced options to fine tune a more complex system.   Emergency services?  Many, if not most, VoIP providers now provide E911 services so this isn't a show stopper for a stationary VoIP service.

The adoption of VoIP technology has still been painfully slow.   We still rely on phone numbers when we could be using email addresses to call people.  Myself, I have not used a traditional analog service for years.  I had my home landline disconnected about 7 years ago.   All of my personal telephone calls are now done over VoIP, or Skype, or Facetime, etc.  Is it a perfect system?  No.  There are occasionally missed calls.  If there is an internet or power outage, well that could be a problem.  However, the internet system stability has been improving significantly over the years and should only get better as time goes on.  Everyone does need to weigh the pros and cons of their personal situation and needs.

Posted by Greg Nutt