Your extruder system has a finite amount of pushing force. You want as much as possible of that push..

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The tubing used is a specially selected PTFE fluoro-polymer that has superior properties for use in ..

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Metal PinBLTouch is an auto leveling Z sensor probe for 3D Printers based on open-source such as Del..

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Deep Groove Ball Bearing 625-2RSISO CertificateISO 9001:2008DimensionID (Inner D..

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Dimafix Pen (90ml) for use on heated and non-heated print beds. Water soluble. Easy clean. Lasts ove..

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Whilst our hardened steel nozzles are ideal for printing abrasive filaments such as ones loaded with..

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A custom made thermistor encapsulated into an easy to use cartridge package.Using our proven Semitec..

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Genuine BLTouch : Auto Bed Leveling Sensor Probe Smart Edition V3.1 Genuine BLTouch : Auto Bed Leveling Sensor Probe Smart Edition V3.1

BLTouch Smart Edition V3.1 that uses a plastic pin.BLTouch is an auto leveling Z sensor probe for 3D..

$48.99 CAD

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The MKS TFT32 is a fantastic self-contained controller which, among others, can control the Smoothieboard via the serial interface.  The connection method is fairly easy but will require a couple manual hardware and setting configurations. 1.        The cable that comes with the MKS TFT32 will need to have the 8 pin connector removed on one end and replaced with a 6 pin straight connector matched pin for pin with the 6 pin serial pins on the Smoothieboard.  Make sure that the TX on the MKS TFT32 goes to the RX on the Smoothieboard and v..
Your guide to installing Smoothieboard in a 3D printerBLTouch ManualE3D Online DocumentationHow to Connect MKS TFT to Smoothieboard..
What Kind of Nozzle Should I Use?
The most common nozzle used in 3D printers today is no doubt the 0.4mm brass nozzle.  This works fine for the basic filaments like ABS, PLA, ASA, and PETG and many others.  But, there are more exotic filaments out there that are much more abrasive than these filaments and will very quickly wear down the tiny hole in your brass nozzle, causing it to become enlarged and misshapen which will progressively degrade the quality of your 3D prints.  These other filaments include filaments such as carbon fiber, wood fiber, filament containing metallic particles and so on.  So, if yo..
Many 3D printer enthusiasts may be for the first time diving into electronics tinkering.  The electronics landscape is very different today than it was 30 years ago.  Today we have micro-controllers and breakout boards and a lot of the harder design work is already done for you.    But the fundamentals themselves have not changed.Choosing the correct wire size for your 3D printer's motors, hotend, heat bed and sensors is very important.  It is not always one size fits all.Let's compare a wire to a water pipe for a moment.  A water pipe carries a certain volume of ..
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